Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why I choose Ncell over NTC

Few months ago I had a problem with my Ncell sim. I tweeted about it. Ncell replied immediately and they responded very soon. The problem was solved immediately. I was satisfied with their costumer care system.
I faced similar problem with Ntc gprs system. My data exceed the credit limit and my data service was barred. According to them I must have recharged and the remaining balance is to be deducted.  I waited for four days and my data service was not reactivated. I complained on customer care and they told me that there was some technical error with the system and they will reactivate my data plan within few hour. But my data plan was not activated.
I was fed up with their service and again choose Ncell for internet service.
thank you Ncell for better service.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Being anonymous

Expressing your idea is never easy. When you have some status and some recognition it becomes more harder. You must always pretend to be someone else while expressing your idea when you have some identity. 
After some year later everything will gone. Your family, friends and all the people who know you will not be there to talk about you. You will always be anonymous for next generation.  But I am choosing a different way. I am going to be anonymous. I am hiding my identity in every aspect of social media. This is for my freedom of expression.